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 "There are echoes of artists such as Wire and PJ Harvey floating through the album, and it’s all glued together with a middle eastern vibe and atmosphere that gives the sound of Blue Mountains its distinctive edge. It’s one of those multi-purpose albums that I’ve found to be the perfect accompaniment to all sorts of activities, be it driving, lying on the sofa feeling rotten or dancing in the kitchen, it’s that good. It’s an album that will undoubtedly change ZoZo Ginzburg’s fan base from being a home country based affair to a deserved international one"

louder then war 12.3.21

After years of anticipation, ZoZo Ginzburg released their first solo album Blue Mountains last month. A desert punk album consisting of ten songs and a lot of precision and thought

KZ Radio  8.3.21

"She is one of the most special creators today, and I fell in love with her easily
Zozo  is one of the most kicking and boiling rockers in Israeli rock today and her new album "Blue Mountains" is the clear proof that her eyes deserve to be directed to international territory as well"

Maariv 27/2/21 (album review)

"Ginzburg's heavy guitar is present on her debut album

It was recorded in three days in total, out of a desire to do things as directly and vividly as possible, and it sounded great: charged, sharp and very immediate. A product of instincts, emotion and thought, in that order"

Haarezt 22/1/20 (single review)

“Close-up of fingers running around the neck of an electric guitar is a pretty rare sight in the clips of the current, non-rockist era.. But that's what happens in “B.B. Cream”, the new song by ZoZo an interesting contrast between heat and cold: on the one hand, the fiery poetry (which emanates from Ginsburg's burning vocals and the agitated text) ​and on the other hand a well-designed and calculated element that characterizes the musical plot and especially the guitar playing. The anchor around which this opposite encounter is organized is a winding guitar riff that was ​probably influenced​ ​by "Television" band”


Haarezt 9/11/19 (single review)

Zohar Ginsburg - Guitarist, singer, composer, stage animal and rock 'n' roll warrior, who expresses in her songs her life as a musician and independent artist in Israel

Haarezt 9/11/19 (single review)

"The first single from the debut album, BB Cream is a piece, composed, played and sung, this is actually a kind of protest song, as its name suggests, there is a lot of anger and sadness here that only the guitar and rhythm sounds release, a release that creates dribbles associations of Mrs. Debbie Harry (Blondie) Vocal and rhythmic..."

Yuval Harel blog 3/11/19